Latest Virus Risk by Norton

1. W32.Savix:- W32.Savix is a worm that spreads through fixed drives and removable media
Virus Removal tool/ Method

2.Backdoor.Tidserv:- Backdoor.Tidserv is a Trojan horse that opens a back door on the compromised computer
Virus Removal tool/ Method

3. Bloodhound.Exploit.206 Bloodhound.Exploit.203 is a heuristic detection for files attempting to exploit the Microsoft GDI+ WMF Image File Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Virus Removal tool/ Method


When you right click on drive it show auto and drive open in new window or opened open with window
This virus usually spreads from removal media like Pen drive are external hard drive

Removal Procedure
Open Command Prompt
Type attrib s h a c:\autorun.inf
Open c: and then open autorun.inf here you see some exe file search these files in system32 folder
Like some time u see aaa.exe
Then type attrib s h a c:\windows\system32\aaa.exe
Then again type attrib s h a c:\aaa.exe
If you find this file at any of the location simply shift delete it
Repeat the process in all the drives and also connect you pendrives Open all drive from run Like after running commands on d: open run and type D: and delete exe and autorun.inf both file. If you open from My Computer then virus will again effect the drive in which you recently removed the virus


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